Planning a Cold Weather Hiking Outfit - a Must Have

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As temperatures drop, keeping your feet warm should be a top priority. Cold feet can lead to dangerous health risks and seriously impact your comfort and performance during winter activities. Proper footwear and a few simple precautions can help you stay warm and safe when braving the cold.

Health Dangers of Cold Feet

Exposure to frigid temperatures can have the following effects on your feet:

  • Restricted blood circulation, causing numbness and tingling
  • Increased risk of frostbite and hypothermia
  • Painful conditions like chilblains or frostnip

Keeping your feet insulated and dry is key to preventing these dangerous effects. Wetness from rain, ice, or snow dramatically increases heat loss from your feet.

Choosing the Right Insulated Footwear

Why is choosing footwear so important?

Our feet actually regulate our body temperature, so choosing a cold weather hiking outfit all starts from bottom to top. The footwear you wear makes a night and day difference.

Because of this huge difference, we want to share with you our Northside winter hiking boots and shoes, that we guarantee will keep your feet warm. 

Look for the following features when selecting insulated boots and shoes for winter:

  • Waterproofing to block moisture from seeping in
  • Insulation like shearling or ThinsulateTM to trap heat
  • Traction on the sole to prevent slips on ice
  • Durable construction for stability in winter conditions

Merino wool socks made from moisture-wicking fabric provide an additional insulating base layer.


Going Durable is NOT a bad idea! Heavy Duty Hightower Hiking/Hunting boots are lightweight!

(I personally hike the PNW mountains in these during winter. I love them!)

snow hiking shoes and boots for men

More Options to check out:

Womens Cold Weather/Winter Hiking Shoes

Kids Cold Weather/Winter Hiking Shoes

Maintaining Circulation to Your Feet

Aside from proper footwear, you can promote blood flow to your feet by:

  • Wiggling your toes and performing foot exercises
  • Taking regular walking breaks to restore circulation
  • Using chemical toe warmers when standing still for long periods

With the right winter boots, vigilant foot care, and smart layering, you can conquer the coldest conditions in comfort and safety. Prioritizing insulated footwear helps ensure your health and enhances your enjoyment of winter activities.


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