Best Snow Boots for Men

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The Best Snow Boots for Winter 

When the snow starts falling, your regular shoes just won't cut it. To stay warm, dry, and safe, you need a sturdy pair of snow boots. At Northside USA, we offer a wide selection of insulated and waterproof snow boots for men, women and kids. Whether you're shoveling the driveway, hiking through fresh powder, or building a snowman with the kids, we've got you covered from head to toe.

Why Wear Snow Boots?

Winter weather can be tough on regular footwear. Here are some key reasons to wear snow boots when it's cold outside:

  • Warmth - Snow boots have insulated linings that trap heat and keep your feet toasty. Materials like Thinsulate provide excellent insulation.

  • Waterproofing - Snow boots are made with waterproof membranes and materials so snow and slush don't soak into your shoes. Dry feet are happy feet.

  • Traction - Snow boot soles have deep lugs and tread patterns that grip slippery surfaces and prevent falls. Some have ice cleats for extra traction on icy terrain.

  • Support - With their sturdy construction and ankle support, snow boots stabilize your feet well for walking on uneven snowy ground.

Features to Look For

When shopping for snow boots, keep an eye out for these useful features:

  • 200 grams or more of insulation. The higher the insulation rating, the warmer the boot.

  • Waterproof membranes to block moisture.

  • Gusseted tongues to keep snow and debris out.

  • Toe caps and reinforced toes for protection and durability.

  • Lightweight materials so boots aren't overly heavy or bulky.

Types of Snow Boots

Snow boots fall into a few main categories based on their style and intended use:

Winter Snow Boots

These are the most heavily insulated snow boots designed for the coldest conditions. They have features like:

  • 400+ grams of insulation
  • Waterproof leather or nylon uppers
  • Faux fur or fleece lining
  • Molded rubber shells

Popular examples:

Hiking Snow Boots

With reinforced toes and rugged tread, hiking snow boots provide traction and protection for winter hikes. They have:

  • Waterproof leather or mesh uppers
  • 200-400 grams insulation
  • Sturdy traction soles
  • Ankle support

Top picks:

Hunting Snow Boots

Designed for warmth and stealth in the woods, hunting snow boots feature:

  • Waterproof leather/nylon camo uppers
  • 200-1000 grams insulation
  • Lightweight rubber shells
  • Tough treaded soles

Our top hunting boots:

Work Snow Boots

With safety features like steel toes and slip-resistant soles, work snow boots keep you safe on the job in winter. They offer:

  • Waterproof leather uppers
  • Steel, alloy, or composite safety toes
  • Electrical hazard and slip resistance
  • 200-400 grams insulation

Rugged work snow boots:

No matter your budget or needs, we likely carry the perfect snow boots for you. Browse our full selection of men's, women's, and kids' styles today!

How to Fit Snow Boots

Like any shoes, snow boots should fit snugly without pinching your feet. Follow this fitting guide for comfy snow boots all winter:

  • Try boots on later in the day - Feet swell throughout the day, so boots that fit in the morning may be too tight by afternoon.

  • Wear thick socks - Test snow boots with the type of socks you plan to wear, such as wool or fleece. This gives you a truer fit.

  • Allow a thumbnail's length - Your toes should have about a thumbnail's length of space between the boot's end and your longest toe.

  • Walk around the store - Stomp, twist, and walk normally to ensure the boots move with your feet.

  • Consider insoles - For a better fit, try the boots with custom insoles or footbeds.

  • Break them in slowly - New boots take time to break in. Wear them around the house before winter adventures.

For helpful sizing tips, check our guides for women's, men's and kids' sizes. If you need help finding the perfect fit, contact our customer service team. We're always happy to help!

Keeping Snow Boots Fresh

The wet and salty conditions snow boots endure can lead to odor issues. Here are some tips to keep your boots smelling fresh all season long:

  • Allow boots to fully dry between wears
  • Sprinkle baking soda inside boots overnight
  • Stuff boots with newspaper to absorb moisture
  • Treat with tea tree or eucalyptus oil
  • Use Odor-Eaters insoles and inserts
  • Wash removable liners

For more boot deodorizing tips, check out our guide on getting rid of smelly shoes. A little boot maintenance goes a long way!

Men's Snow Boots

Gentlemen, warm up those toes this winter with durable men's snow boots from Northside. Shop all our men's winter boots or see popular styles here:

Boot Key Features
Men's Leavenworth Winter Snow Boot 400 grams insulation, waterproof leather, gusseted tongue
Men's Shoshone Falls Mid Waterproof Insulated Neoprene Boot 200 grams insulation, waterproof rubber shell, slip-resistant
Men's Trenton Mid Waterproof Nano Toe Work Boot

Explore the full selection in our men's snow boots collection today!

Women's Snow Boots

Ladies, treat your feet to the cozy warmth of women's snow boots this season. Browse all our favorite women's winter boots or check out top styles like:

Boot Key Features
Women's Ladera Winter Snow Boot Faux fur lining, waterproof rubber shell, ice cleat sole
Women's Rainier Mid Camp Slipper Quilted upper, faux fur cuff, indoor/outdoor sole
Women's Katsura 200g insulation, waterproof, quick lace up, thermal rubber outsole. 

Give your feet a treat with cozy styles from the full women's snow boots collection.

Kids' Snow Boots

Don't let winter weather keep your kids inside! With children's snow boots from Northside, they'll stay warm and dry when playing in the snow.

We carry toddler sizes 5-12 and big kids sizes 13-7. Top picks include:

Boot Key Features
Kids Frosty Winter Snow Boot 200 grams insulation, waterproof shell, soft fleece lining
Kids Kathmandu Winter Snow Boot 100 grams insulation, adjustable bungee lacing, lightweight EVA outsole
Kids Benton Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Waterproof leather, padded collar, aggressive tread sole

Explore the full kids snow boots collection for more great styles!

Get Ready for Winter!

When cold weather rolls in, your feet will be ready in a sturdy pair of snow boots from Northside USA. We offer insulated, waterproof boots for the whole family. Shop all snow boots now!


  • Snow boots keep your feet warm, dry and safe in winter weather. Look for insulation, waterproofing and traction.

  • Main types include heavy-duty winter boots, hiking boots, hunting boots and work boots.

  • Try boots on later in the day with thick socks for best fit. Allow room to wiggle toes.

  • Deodorize boots between wears to prevent odor. Allow them to fully dry out.

  • Northside has snow boots for men, women and kids. Find styles with insulation, safety features and sporty designs.

Explore Northside's full selection of snow boots for your next winter adventure! Our helpful customer service team is also ready to assist if you need help finding the perfect pair.

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