Cedar Rapids

Meet the Cedar Rapids

When your idea of a good day starts

with a pre-dawn hike, then hitting

the hardware store for supplies

so you can fire up the BBQ for a family picnic,

followed by a trip to the waterpark to test out

that wicked new slide, all before pitching

a tent for some backyard camping,

the Cedar Rapids looks at your list,

smiles and is miles out the door

before you’ve finished your morning coffee.

Whether you want to

take over the day…

or just go where the day takes you, 

the easy on/off, all terrain 

Cedar Rapids is the perfect summer shoe. 

Hybrid Hydro Hiker

Water Shoe? Hiker? While we prefer to call it a hybrid, you'll call it your favorite summer shoe.

Designed to Drain

Air drainage mesh combines with drainage ports

at the toe and heel and a perforated insole to 

keep your feet dry and debris free.

Aggressive traction

Your days are aggressive, so is the secure footing that comes from the Cedar Rapids' no-scuff, rubber outsole.